IG Old Version | How to Download Old Instagram App on iPhone 

Is it possible to use Instagram’s older version? I want to revert to the ig old version since i don’t like it. Is there a method to uninstall the software without causing harm to the hardware

It’s likely that one of your frequently used applications, like Instagram, received an update with some new features; nevertheless, after upgrading, you discovered that you like the earlier version better. If so, you might be curious as to how I obtained Instagram’s earlier iteration. It could be difficult to downgrade Instagram or download Instagram’s previous versions for the iPhone because the app store only provides the most recent versions of programs. You’re fortunate to discover the finest response to your question, “How do I get the old version of Instagram?” here.

Steps to Download Old Instagram App on iPhone

Would you like to install an earlier version of Instagram on your iPhone? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to download and install an older version of Instagram on your iPhone, whether you’re doing it out of compatibility need or personal desire.

1. Uninstall the Current Version:

Begin by Uninstalling the Current Version of Instagram from Your Iphone. Tap and Hold the Instagram App Icon Until It Starts Shaking, Then Tap the “X” Icon to Delete It.

2. Find the Old Version Ipa File:

Search for a Trusted Source That Provides the Ipa File of the Specific Older Version of Instagram You Want to Download. Be Cautious When Downloading from Third-Party Websites to Avoid Potential Security Risks.

3. Connect Iphone to Computer:

Connect Your Iphone to a Computer with Itunes Installed Using a Usb Cable. Launch Itunes If It Doesn’t Open Automatically.

4. Access File Sharing in Itunes:

in Itunes, Select Your Iphone and Navigate to the “Apps” Tab. Scroll Down to the “File Sharing” Section.

5. Add the Ipa File:

Click on “Instagram” Under the “File Sharing” Section. Then, Click the “Add” Button and Select the Old Version Instagram Ipa File You Downloaded. This Will Initiate the Installation of the Older Version of Instagram on Your Iphone.

6. Disable Automatic App Updates:

To Prevent the Instagram App from Updating to the Latest Version Automatically, Go to “Settings” on Your Iphone. Tap “App Store” and Toggle Off the “App Updates” Option.

You might be interested in downloading the old Instagram app on your iPhone if you prefer the older version or if your device cannot run the most recent app upgrades. We’ll walk you through the process of downloading and installing the previous version of Instagram on your iPhone in this step-by-step manual.

A previous version of Instagram may be downloaded in a few different ways. The first step is to search for Instagram on the Google Play store. There is a selection for “old version” there. You may tap it to view the version and other information. There are occasions when you can’t install the earlier version, but you can always go back and get one. As an alternative, you may utilise our website or other app repositories to access previous versions of Instagram.

Can Older App Versions Be Installed On An iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, you might be wondering if you can install Instagram’s earlier versions. Yes, but only if the most recent version is compatible with your gadget. Older versions of the app won’t work with newer iPhone models. Download a previous version and install it on your more recent iPhone to get around the issue. It is extremely easy. On the Apple App Store, you may also locate earlier versions of Instagram.

The software can’t be downloaded straight to your iPhone, but it is constantly updated. The program may be deleted; when you’re ready, reinstall it. On the other hand, you may downgrade applications if you’re using iOS 14. Take these easy actions. First, look up Instagram on the App Store.

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